Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Long Way From Home - Headed to UT

On the road again with the men's hoop team. This time climbing the mountains en route to Tennessee. Some snow in the fields that occupy our scenery but so far a beautiful day for a drive, albeit a long one.

Practiced early at Halton and were on the road by noon or thereabouts.

Guys are in every form on the bus. Sleeping, listening to tunes, talking, resting, trying to get comfortable. "Pelham 123" is playing on the DVD system. Denzel and Travolta. Pretty good stuff.

The movie is set in N.Y. Subways, cabs, traffic jams. Seems as if everything is moving 100 mph.

Here on the bus, it's much different.

The climb up the mountain is anything but fast-paced. DiJuan Harris would never make it as a bus driver. He's more like the motorcycles dodging traffic on the DVD.

Outside the view is anything but jammed. Lone homes dot the hillsides. Some cows and horses wander the brown ground. A hawk flying high in the distance. No crowds, no loud noises, save for the occasional cackle from the back of the bus.

I've got Southside Johnny on my Ipod -- and that's the only thing other than the movie that can even remotely stir images of NYC.

Endless trees. Endless roads. And from the mountain ridges some endless views.

Tennessee awaits. A great opportunity to wrap up the non-conference season. It may be a long drive. But it will be worth it. The Niners 4th crack at a top 20 team. So far, 1-2. Another game that will help this young team grow -- and grow fast for the A-10 play that awaits just around the corner.

For now, though, its time for a new DVD -- the one about the hoops team from New Orleans that tried to make a season for itself following Katrina. And outside, flurries have started to fall and the brown ground is getting whiter.
Tom Whitestone
Assoc. A.D./Media Relations

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