Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day One At Atlantic 10 Softball Championships

Day one was pretty uneventful for the Niners. Well, everything outside of the 5:00 a.m. wakeup to catch a seven o’clock flight, only to have it take an extra 30 minutes for takeoff and an additional 45 minutes for landing. After we arrived at La Guardia we find out that it easily takes an hour to get from hotel to field, but the Fordham campus is absolutely beautiful. Every building is a gray brick structure that takes you immediately back to the days of Victorian England (or to the castles of Monty Python and the Holy Grail). The team practiced indoors for a few hours at Fordham’s Indoor Track/Practice Facility. It’s amazing at Fordham; everything you see has Vince Lombardi somewhere on it. Mark Verburg, the team’s Academic Advisor, and I walked into the old continuous use gym in America and I thought it was just a practice gym. I couldn’t imagine gameday at Fordham, it would be a raucous crowd and a really rustic facility to play in. After practice, we took the bus back to the hotel to relax and unpack for a few hours until dinner time. Some of the players had finals to take and they got through those quite well. Our hotel is exceptionally nice. It’s is in a mountain setting in White Plains which is far different from the constant pavement of the city. We went back into White Plains for dinner at Applebee’s which was a really good time. The girls took the opportunity to embarrass Coach DeVos by having the Applebee’s waiting staff sing to her for her birthday. Following dinner, we made the short trip back to our hotel to relax and wind down an otherwise great first day at the A-10 Championships. If you didn’t catch House last night, you really missed out on a crazy good episode with a lot of twists and turns. No don’t worry, I’m not an avid fan, it was just the best thing on TV before Two and a Half Men. Also remember, Jenny is blogging for every day of the tournament, so be sure to catch her blog as well, it’ll be an enjoyable read as it has been all season long. On tap for today: Early morning practice, lunch in the center of Time Square and possibly making the trek back to Fordham to see who we will play tomorrow. You definitely need to read both blogs tomorrow, Times Square with KP, Alyssa, Kendra and Jenny could be a crazy time. Until next time, wear green and go Niners!

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