Thursday, May 14, 2009

Former Charlotte Baller Gets Look at Memphis Grizzlies Free Agent Camp

Former Niner basketball stud Rodney White got an invite to the Memphis Grizzlies Free Agent Camp this past week...

And according to the Official Memphis Grizzlies Twitter page, he stood out. At least in a fashion sense...

This off their Twitter page...

Rodney White wins the award for most NBA ready shoes.... Wearing Kobe Bryant's with funky colors that make him hard to from txt

Rodney White just did his best Kobe impersonation, hitting scrimmage winner at buzzer...must be the from txt

White must have not got the memo that the league outlawed tights under from txt

Ok, so he needs to ditch the tights, but we will keep you posted on how he does in the following weeks. More info can be found here...Thanks to for the photo

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