Monday, October 5, 2009

DVR'ing Live Sporting Events Gets Tricky!

I had quite a quandary (try saying that 5-times-fast) on Sunday afternoon.

My Baltimore Ravens were playing the much hated New England Patriots Sunday afternoon at 1pm on CBS’s National Television Game of the Week. I’m jacked. The Flacco jersey was hanging unblemished in the closet. All week it teased me. I’d walk into the closet every morning to get dressed and there it was. The black, purple and white in all its glory. I almost wore it to bed with me.

Then the realization set in that I had to work volleyball Sunday afternoon at 1pm. The exact kickoff time of the football game. (Actually, I think the early games kick at 1:05pm)

Anyhow, what is a man suppose to do? I thought of calling in sick, faking the flu or making up some catastrophic injury. But my conscious got the best of me.

Instead, I worked the volleyball match. Had a great time. Saw the Niners win their 3rd straight A-10 match. It was great! But what about the Ravens game? Oh I had it covered…

I’m currently watching a friend’s dog for the week. A friend who happens to have a 60-inch HD television, Directv, fridge full of food and beverages and DVR…Wait did I say DVR? Yes!

I have never DVR’d a live sporting event before. I was a rookie. It just seemed unethical for some reason. How am I suppose to not know that the Ravens just scored 3 touchdowns or Flacco just threw 3 interceptions? I wanted to be completely in the dark. To not find out what was happening in the game was going to be difficult.

So I set out with a plan. The night before I let all my friends know via facebook that I would be DVR’ing the game, “NO ONE TEXT ME UPDATES!” Surprisingly they listened. I got in my car and immediately turned off the radio, drove in silence just incase for some inexplicable reason, the music station would cut into sports highlights. I fielded no phone calls and didn’t surf the net once between the hours of 12:30pm-3:15pm. I was proud of myself.

Finally I got home after the volleyball match, let the dog out, crashed on the couch and started the game. It was 3:30pm local time. The game was probably in the 4th quarter, but my television screen was filled with Phil Sims and Jim Nantz doing the pregame. I had done it! The satisfactory level for me was at an all time high.

The experience was awesome, after getting the ‘fast-forwarding commercials’ down to a science. Sometimes I went too far and had to backtrack. But it was great. No commercials, no halftime, no extended challenge calls, no extended injury timeouts (I pray Jared Gaither is ok). It was just football. And in Tom Brady’s case, football with a skirt on.

But I’m not 100% sold yet on the DVR thing. Looking ahead, our mens/womens basketball teams have games on television. Why I would DVR the games just to have them archived, could I actually pull off what I did with the Ravens game? Probably not.
If we end up playing Duke in the preseason NIT and I need to work or have some commitment that keeps me away from the television and the game is on ESPN there is no chance in H-E-double hockey sticks I am not keeping tabs on that game live through my cell, internet or texts.

Besides, when we win I want to be at Picassos for the celebration!

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