Monday, October 19, 2009

Man Grooming: The Art of the Lip Fur

Ok so by now its no secret, the campaign to bring back the stache is in full effect. I speak of the tremendous lip fur that occupied the upper lip of Charlotte basketball coach Bobby Lutz. Its in the blogs, message boards, Panning For Gold television shows and inspired a Facebook fan page/group.

So I've compiled a list. NOT a Top-10 or best of all-time. But rather some of my favorites throughout history. Also, to show folks that grooming the mustache is an artform. Make it your own. Here we go...

Tom Selleck...the older female readers are currently getting a little hot at their desk right now. Guys, just be happy I'm using a headshot and not full body. Let me put it this way, his facial hair matches his chest hair both in color and groomness (is that a word?). I have little doubt he man-scapes his entire body! But definately an awesome stache. If only mine would grow in that thick. He always had a little stubble to compliment the thick forest on the upper lip. Its as if the stache said, "I can grow this long on my entire face, but chose to rock just the mustache.

Hulk evolved over time, but always had the 'chops' look. Extended down past the upper lip to his chin. No would could stop it, not even The Undertaker. The mustache was 'Hulk-a-mania'. I don't know about you, but 'Lutz-a-mania' doesn't have the same jingle or ring to it. I'm open for suggestions. What I do know, is in the coming months the mustache is about to run wild on you and the rest of the Atlantic 10!

Lanny McDonald...I had no idea of who this guy was, but every mustche list I googled had him on it! And rightfully so. That bush is incredible. he won a Stanley Cup with the Calgary Flames and was a great hockey palyer to boot. Ironic he played for the flames and his mustache looks to be 'en fuego'? I mean really? Goes to show you, no matter the shape, size or color mustaches can be great. I wonder what his wife thought about that thing. Yes, 'thing' is the best way to describe it. I dont think I could let mine get like that.

Rollie Fingers...this would take time and a lot of hardwork. But if a fan showed up to a game with a genuine mustache like that...I would give him a cookie and ask if I could run my fingers around it, pull it down straight, only to have it bounce back to the original curly shape.

Adam Morrison...short lived here in Charlotte, and thank goodness for that! The stache did win an NBA Championship though...

I digress...this mustache became more popular than the man did. I'm wasting no more blogspace on this one.

John Oates (of Hall & Oates)...He has since shaved and now clean shaven. Unfortunate for him. Just watch... That fur is a maneater.

Brad Pitt...garnered the lip fur for his latest blockbuster, "Inglorious Basterds." Proving even the at one time 'Sexiest Man Alive' can break away from the clean shaven image, grow a mustache and make it look legit. This style looks to be the easiest and quickest method of growth. I could probably get a stubble going like that in a matter of a week. So for those fans on the fence about possibly growing a stache. Go this route, if your girlfriend or significant other doesn't approve its an easy wash.
And you can at least say you supported the cause.

Bobby Lutz...even if it is a little more grey, I think we all agree this is the look.

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