Friday, October 16, 2009

Madness and Fan Day

So the collegiate basketball season officially starts today with the first practice for the 2009-10 season and I couldn’t more excited for the season to get underway. Of course prior to the start of the season there is the annual spectacle that is 49ers Basketball Madness.

Being a basketball crazed fan, I have Madness marked down on my calendar at the beginning of each year. I love Madness because it gives fans a first look at the new edition of the bball squads and a chance to breakdown the improvements of the returning players as well as see if the freshman live up to all of the offseason hype.

This year, Niner Nation will get two glimpses of their team with 49er Basketball Madness on Thursday and Fan Day, next Saturday.

Both events will give fans the best of both worlds. Madness will be a celebration of the season beginning with player skits and intros, slam dunk contest and three-point contest , while Fan Day will give everyone a chance to get their favorite 49ers autograph, pick up their season tickets and then cap the day off with a scrimmage from the men’s and women’s teams.

Besides the scrimmage, my personal favorite part of the basketball festivities is the player skits and introductions. This is the one chance a year that fans get to see the player’s personality since during the season most players are focused on the task at hand of winning the game. You may see the team’s star forward do a dance at midcourt after he runs onto the court or you see your All-Conference point guard staring in a skit.

It may seem that every part of the beginning of the season is my favorite but in all honesty my favorite part of this time of year is that I know the season is closing in on tip-off. Oh and by the way the regular season is only 27 days away, but who’s counting.

-- Patrick McCoy, Charlotte 49ers Media Relations --

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