Sunday, November 1, 2009

Everybody Needs A Good Closer Sometimes

So I have been watching the World Series with no emotional ties to a winner or a loser. Don't get me wrong, I hate the Yanks. I am an Orioles fan and ever since this moment our franchise has been cursed!

Damn Jeffery Maier. Damn him. So yea, GO PHILS!

But you need to appreciate the dynamic of Mariano Rivera. When 'Enter Sandman' (arguably the greatest sports hype song of all time) hits the loud speakers, the game is over. Journalists start writing the game story. Visiting fans begin to exit. The game is done before he makes a single pitch.

So who are some good 'closers' in Charlotte athletics? Thinking beyond literal translation...better yet who are some 'clutch' performers for Charlotte, people who when you see on the floor, field or court your confidence of pulling out the win is at an all-time high?

The list would include...

Erik Walker- The all time saves leader who left our lives too early is a no brainer on this list. The scene went something like this...Bottom 8th draws toa close, players shuffling about between innings, Lil Flip cues up, E-dub bounces out of the dugout, hat crooked, high socks, clean shaven, batter steps in, slider, slider, slider, game over, lets go home. He did it a program high 103 times.
Leemire Goldwire- He hit some big time shots. Especially in his senior season. This is most memorable by far...

A night I will not soon forget. Picassos was rocking! Amidst the craziness after the shot, for some reason I proceeded to pour my entire frosty beverage on Jesse Garber which was followed not by a fist in the face, but an embrace. He still hasn't gotten me back for that...maybe he forgot?

Emily Jeffery- If you haven't seen her pitch, do yourself a favor and get out to the softball field. You won't need to block out much time, her seven inning games usually only last about an hour. She pitches fast and throws even faster. Double-digit strikeouts 16 times last season and a sub 1.40ERA is legit. Everytime she steps in the circle I feel like we are going to win.

Bob Olesen- The guy doesn't need to do anything. When I see him on the track before a meet I know we are winning. I'm convinced whatever he touches turns to gold. Literally turns into gold medals because that's the only thing his men's and women's track and field teams do.

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