Monday, November 9, 2009

Long Way From Home...Basketball Road Blog Entries COMING SOON

If you haven't noticed, this blog gets updated pretty much everyday. Daily anecdotes from folks here in the media relations office get posted giving you a different viewpoint of Charlotte athletics.

The blog is still in its infancy. It has yet to fully catch on with Niner Nation. It's potential as a 49er information vehicle is still untested. Prior to its launch while trying to figure out what type of content would be showcased here, for me it always came back to..on the road entries.

I have had the luxury of traveling with the womens basketball team the past two seasons, doing games on the radio for Tom Whitestone has been traveling with the mens basketball team since before I was born, that's an exaggeration, but he's been the SID for quite a long time, and now with blogs like this one it becomes the perfect canvas for retelling stories from the road that Niner Nation needs to hear.
I can only speak for myself, but the past two seasons have been chalked full of fun, memorable times...

-Like when we got stuck in the Dayton airport for 9 hours because of fog, let me be sucked!

-Standing in line at Pats Cheesesteaks, trying to nail down exactly how to order...what is wiz with?

-Checking out the Basketball Hall of Fame after our game in UMASS.

-Late, late, late nights in Saint Louis. Love that city. Glad with have a home and home with them every year.
-Having a little kid, prolly like 7 years old, tell the entire dining room at breakfast one morning that this was the best orange juice he ever had and how he gave the cleaning lady a quarter because his bed was so comfortable the night before. Keep in mind, a quarter for a 7-year-old is like a $10 bill to a grown adult.

-Faced with the I get up in the morning (like 8ish) to go down in the hotel and eat breakfast or sleep for another couple hours and miss out on breakfast. Its a tough call sometimes and something I have seriously debated about on many occassions...

-Getting caught up on all the conspiracy theories around JFK's assassination while at a holiday tournament in Dallas.

-Sitting on pins and needles as we approach the hotel hoping they have complimentary internet...only to find out at the end of the season we could have just put it on our room bill and Charlotte would pick up the tab. I know it's tough economic times, but I need the internet in order to else could I blog?

Should have plenty more good times this year. Follow them all right here. Just look for the Long Way From Home Banner.

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