Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Photo Blog from Durham UPDATED

I couldn't muster up any photos of the big fella Shamari Spears except this one...hes no stranger to Cameron and hes acting like it...cool calm and collected

This looks to be a scene out of CSI: Miami. It's not. Thats where the Cameron Crazies will be standing all game long...they mark it with caution tape. What is that suppose to mean? Should I be scared for my life sitting courtside?
I hope the Niners turn this place into a crime scene, then sneak out the back and escape 700 miles away to NYC

One day I hope the RBC Bank vision inside Halton Arena says these exact two team names.

Going all green tonight...I likey...

Thats an early photo of Krzyzewski-ville (yea its spelled right, I googled it). Only a few die hards were gathered there at about 1:30pm. I've been told that the grassy area converts to 'tent' village for the Chapel Hill-Duke game. I guess Charlotte-Duke doesn't carry the same weight? At least in the student's minds.

Trying to drive and take a picture at the same time is quite challenging. Neverless, I was able to snag this one while going about 75mph down the interstate. It really has no relevance to the day but what photo blog is complete without a road sign.

I am special and got media parking. My car is parked at the very top of this section. I guess during the week they turn the concourse into a parking lot. Anyway, its a great view of the grounds crew getting it in tip top shape. I dont know who the Duke football team has this week, but they just got throttled by Georgia Tech.

It also got me thinking, how much would you pay for Charlotte tickets where you can drive your truck right on the concourse and tailgate before, during and after 49er football games? Think about it, I woudl buy the rights to that parking spot, be able to drive up on gameday, park it at the top of the 20 yard line and have a blast. I start the bidding at $10,000.

I walked into their team store. A lot of blue. I started to feel nauseous and left.

Yup that's Cameron Indoor Stadium. Every building on this campus seems to be made of stone. Much like Charlotte is with brick. Some folks call Cameron a basketball Cathedral. Well, it certainly looks like one from the outside.

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