Thursday, April 2, 2009

ESPN Slam Dunk Preview

The college slam dunk contest is just hours away. 8 men will soar gracefully through the air with sphere in hand only to ruthlessly jam it through the cylinder in front a the motor city crowd in Detroit.

Something of note...The judges are Cheryl Ford, Desmond Howard, Calvin Johnson, Braylon Edwards and Jalen Rose. Maybe after a Coley slam he turns to Desmond and strikes the Heisman with the basketball?

So, with that said why not dish out a little preview? I've scanned youtube in search of contestant highlights and this is what I found...and no I was not surfing youtube during work hours ;)

Wesley Matthews

The 'JR Rider'. Impressive!

Jermaine Taylor

Check out 1:31...Not a great contest dunk, but there is something about jamming it right over somebody! Couple of nice alley-oops, he wont have his teammates in detroit though.

Tony Danridge

EDIT: After further investigation, Giddens completed last year and did not make the finals. This vid is from last years basketball madness.
You can argue both Danridge and Giddens should be in the contest! The Giddens between the legs is cleaner than Wesley Matthews above. Looked to be a good battle at Madness.

Terry Evans

Likes to slam it with two hands and hand on the rim. Versatile dunker with power and finess.

Jeremy Pargo

I've watch this vid 20 times now, only to hear Kevin Harlen "UP HIGH, DOWN HARD!" haha love it! But seriously, Pargo is the shortest guy in the competition. Normally they get a lot of love,(ie Nate Robinson stealing the slam dunk crown from Howard this year).

Charlie Coley

The windmill 360 with grace and determination. If he pulls that out tonight, in the words of Mike Goldberg from the UFC, "It's all over!"

I know where I will be tonight at 9pm. Sitting in front of a television glued to every second.

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