Monday, September 21, 2009

Charlotte Partakes in Twitter Revolution

As many of you may know, the Charlotte Athletic Department is tweeting. For those who may have been living in a galaxy far far away…

There is this thing called Twitter. (Twitter doesn’t come up as a misspelled word in my word processor, who knew it was an actual word? I need to check the dictionary…)

twitter: n 1:a small tremulous intermittent noise (as made by a swallow) 2: a light chattering; 3: a slight agitation of the nerves

And on this thing called Twitter, people create a profile and use 140 characters to provide updates on what exactly they are up to at that very moment or explain how much they truly love Fruity Pebbles.

You won’t get the latter on Charlotte’s Twitter site, but you will get in-game updates live from the press box, road diaries when we travel with the team and insider info about Charlotte athletics all sent directly to your email or mobile device.

I currently do not have a personal Twitter account, I will eventually but not right now. However, I do find it valuable to read other folks Twitter pages. For example…

I enjoy reading 49er beat writer Jim Utter’s page as he provides NASCAR updates throughout the weekend. He will also tweet from courtside at Niner Mens Basketball games.

I’m a big fan of Bill Simmons from ESPN so I have his twitter page bookmarked in my favorites.

I keep up with Coach Aston on her official twitter page. As I write this on Monday morning she is up in Virginia fishing, trying to catch one. ;)

The next step? I want 49er athletes to tweet during games. Imagine Dijuan Harris going into the lockerroom at half, pulling out his cell and sending a quick tweet before Lutz comes in. It would be awesome!

Or how about Evan James scores a goal and apart of his celebration, he pulls his Blackberry out and starts tweeting. Awesome!

This will never happen. I’m sure if it did, the NCAA would come down so hard and fast the only question would be how lengthy the suspension would be. Eh, whatever. I’m embracing the Twitter revolution. So should you. It’s a great way to keep in touch with your favorite sports team and athletes.

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