Friday, September 25, 2009

Picture Day

Yesterday, I took part in some afternoon reminiscing (day dreaming, if you will) while at work. In my mind, I journeyed back to a time and place that I dreaded each school year in my youth. Was it the first day of school, possibly final exams, no it was quite worse than that it was Picture Day.

Let me first explain before the ridiculing ensues. I know everyone was dressed up in their “best” sweater or favorite outfit especially in the elementary school days for the event. The sweater or other attire would be hideous with varying designs and multiple colors (and possibly illegal to wear in seven states).
As random as this post may be, I will divulge into my topic on hand. I’m of course talking about picture day that we at the Media Relations Department must partake in around 15 times a year, when we must get fresh headshots of 49er Student-Athletes and incoming freshman and transfers for the upcoming seasons.

Yesterday, yours truly had the privilege of holding a picture day for the largest team on Charlotte’s campus, the Track and Field team. Despite my disdain for picture day in former years, I look forward to it now a day because it is a great chance to meet the new athletes and see them interact off their playing surface.

Most fans only see their favorite 49er athletes perform on the field and don’t see their true personality and interaction with one another, but those who get to know these athletes outside of the sports arena are treated to a wide arrange of characters.

Throughout the afternoon more than 60 track & field poured into the conference room for their annual photo shoot. The best part of about getting so many athletes in the same room for photos is to see their best efforts to make the person having their picture taken burst out laughing during their chance in front of the camera. Hearing a room full of athletes combine forces towards the greater good of making someone laugh in the middle of their picture is quite a spectacle and quite enjoyable.

Not only is there the banter towards the picturee (is that a word?) but there is also the attempt for the athletes to look their absolute best by correcting every hair follicle and trying out different smiles or scowles with multiple retakes to ensure the best headshot is obtained for website and media guide purposes.

Anyways I thought I would share the behind the scenes activities that occur for us at the Media Relations Department. Also make sure to come out to this weekend’s only home event as women’s soccer hosts Duquesne in the A-10 opener tonight at 7 p.m.
-- Patrick McCoy, 49er Media Relations --

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