Friday, September 11, 2009

College Football Is Awesome

I’m going to make this week’s edition of my blog short and sweet: College Football is awesome. Last weekend was the opening of the college football season and I will admit I watched more than two full work days worth of football. Stretching from NC State-USC on Thursday all the way to Monday’s Miami-FSU intense rivalry (Game of the Opening Weekend), I was enthralled by the hard-hits, offensive production and my Wildcats winning, 42-0.

I can’t get enough of pigskin action the only thing in sports that can surpass watching college football on television during the fall months is actually attending a home game. Tailgating, playing football in the stadium’s parking lot, leading your team’s favorite cheer or fight song and carousing with your fellow fans is top-notch fun to say the least and I haven’t even started on the delicious treats involved with grilling.

The problem to this story is obviously that I am over six hours away from my alma mater and can’t afford or make the time in my busy schedule to travel for a home football game. Alas, there lies a solution I could attend a football game at my employer, Charlotte 49ers.

When the second-annual tailgate and football rally was held two weekends ago I attended and was amazed by Charlotte fans that gathered for a football team that has yet to be formed. People were grilling, playing football on the intramural fields and chanting FORTY-NINERS, left and right. It was a great escape to be around a passionate fan-base that is desperate for football.

I’m not trying to be preachy here but football is something that has to happen at Charlotte. Football draws a fan-base together and can draw national attention to not only an athletic department but also a university.

It’s pretty obvious where I’m going with this one. Niner Nation needs to get out there and promote the sales of FSLs so Charlotte can have a football team in 2013. Tell your friends, family, fellow alums, neighbors and whoever you think of about it. Your selling point could be “College Football is Awesome” or you could more creative than myself and give some more selling points.

Until football comes to Charlotte’s campus I will be forced to sit in my apartment and watch hours and hours of college football in front of my HD tv. Let me tell you that just is not the same as watching a game live with thousands of your closest friends and fellow fans in a stadium alongside you.

-- Patrick McCoy, 49ers Media Relations --

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