Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What's Your Intro Song?

Everyone's got a favorite song or songs. A song that describes you. A song you lean on. Heck, baseball players often have their very own hand-picked intro song every time they come up to the plate. What would be your intro song?

I remember back in high school, our soccer team was on the bus heading to the Western Mass. Championship. As we pulled up to the field, Loverboy's "The Kid is Hot Tonight" came on (did I mention that this was a long time ago?). For whatever reason, right then and there, I knew we were going to win. It really wasn't a favorite song of mine, but I loved to hear it on game day. Hearing it that day, there was enough in the words to tell me the day was ours. And it was. 3-0.

With that in mind I give you some suggestions for intro songs for the men's hoop team returnees:

Phil Jones: Easy. "Mr. Jones" by the Counting Crows. Phil's presence does require a certain level of respect. Now if we could only get Barry White to contribute vocals it would be perfect. Barry White. Deep Voice. Introducing "Mr. Jones". Mr. Jones and me -- we're gonna be big stars.

Ian Andersen: His parents, who met while his Dad was in a rock and roll band, did name him after the Jethro Tull lead singer. But it's difficult to go with a Tull song, like "Thick as a Brick". "Brick" should never be in a shooter's vocabulary. So, I'm going a different way. "Rock and Roll All Night". First of all, come game time, Ian's fired up like so many heavy metal pyrotechnics. Second of all, it's by KISS. Enough said.

Shamari Spears: Since he is solid beyond dispute, now might be a good time to use "Thick as a Brick". But I was thinking maybe "Thunder Rolls". Better yet -- "Sledgehammer". His name may say spears, but his body says wrecking ball.

Shamarr Bowden: "Splish Splash", cuz his shooting is wet, dude. Like getting caught in a storm. A kid in a sprinkler. Soaking. When he let's them fly -- splash, splash, splash.

RaShad Coleman: "Rocket Man". I ain't saying he can sky like Coley -- but he does love putback jams and he did take one away from CCIII, last year. Nice hops. Ready for lift-off whenever he's around the rim.

Charles Dewhurst: "Theme to Six-Million Dollar Man". We can rebuild him. We have the technology. Stronger. Faster. Dewey is ultra-athletic with mesmerizing skills. And despite his injuries, he will come back. Stronger. Faster.

An'Juan Wilderness: "Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown". He's not from the south side of Chicago, but Southern Illinois head coach Chris Lowery did compare him to a junkyard dog. "Wilderness, he was toughness. He's a junkyard dog", Lowery said. The baddest man in the whole darn town.

DiJuan Harris: So many choices. "I Can't Drive 55", because he's always full speed ahead. "8 Days A Week" -- this kid was born ready, willing and able to work overtime. "Running on Empty" -- even when his tank should be low on fuel, he's still in high gear. How about we just take "Heart of a Champion" and leave it at that.

Kyle Church: "Time of Your Life". I've spoken to him enough to know he's having a ball and making the most of his opportunity. Good advice for just about anyone, really, when you think about it.

Tom Whitestone
Assoc. A.D./Media Relations

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