Thursday, September 10, 2009

What's in a Name?

As you enter Halton Arena this weekend to see the volleyball team play in the Comfort Suites 49er Invitational, you may the game program helpful for identifying the players by their jersey number, but you may have trouble figuring out who is talking to whom on the court.

That’s because the team has a special way that they communicate. They all have nicknames. Here is your primer for understanding what is going on if Finn talks to Binks and Pee-Wee during a timeout…

Team Member (Nickname)

Head coach Chris Redding (Finn)
Assistant coach Jay Correll (Bubba)
Assistant coach Casey Harris (Spud)
Assistant coach Chad Esposito (Philsy)
Senior co-captain Kaitlin Knight (KK)
Senior co-captain Jenn Webb (Webb)
Senior Priscilla Barbanell (Pris or P)
Redshirt junior Kathleen Hicks (Kat or Kitty Kat)
Junior Kara Raker (Solo)
Sophomore Leah Leventhal (Lee-Lee)
Sophomore Sheri Davis (Budwyn)
Sophomore Abbie Rees (Pee-Wee)
Freshman Jenna Litoborski (Jet Ski)
Freshman Shannon McClean (Smack)
Freshman Bianca Rouse (Binks)
Freshman Kalan Thompson (Lando)
Freshman Lily Vera (Mo)

Don’t forget that Friday night is Beach Night. This was Charlotte’s second-most attended match in two seasons. Even though Labor Day weekend is traditionally known as the “official end of summer,” fans kept out their beachwear from storage for one more weekend last year. There will be giveaways and prizes at the event on Friday night. The Niners defeated Howard 3-1 on Beach Night in 2008.

Charlotte is 15-9 at home under Redding in his previous two seasons at Charlotte.

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