Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Video at Charlotte49ers.com -- Check Out What You've Been Missing

I implore you -- if you have not already done so -- please check out the numerous video options online at charlotte49ers.com. You'll be glad you did. The video content that the 49ers now produce is entertaining, informative -- and really well done -- and it includes LIVE broadcasts of just about every home athletic event. In fact, last year, we produced a live broadcast of the 49ers home cross country meet as well as the first-ever broadcast of the A-10 cross country championship.

"Panning For Gold" is a new 15-minute TV show, hosted by Media Production Coordinator AJ Mead. It includes "The Beat" headline section, a feature and an interview with a 49ers student-athlete, coach or staff member. It airs weekly in the video window on the front page of the website, features Mead's unique on-camera stylings and is absolutely free.

In addition, "The 49ers Insider" returns this month with a new format designed to bring additional information to you. Still hosted by a different student-athlete each episode, The Insider is now a monthly show that includes three in-depth features. The features could focus on a developing story withing the athletic department, a particular student-athlete or coach or another aspect of the 49ers program.

These two shows will be paired together in a half hour block on the university's TV station (Time Warner Cable Ch. 22 in Mecklenburg County), Thurs. and Sat. at 12:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. and links will also be available at charlotte49ers.com.

In addition to these two shows, the 49ers produce a grand mass of additional video content. Weekly coaches interviews, "End of the Bench" Q&A's with student-athletes, The Week Ahead and The Weekend Report highlight packages as well as a variety of other features, season previews and reviews and commentary. All of that can be seen in the front page video window as well as in the Niner Network All-Access player.

Take some time, browse through the offerings in the video player. Just click on the Niner Network All-Access button at the top of the charlotte49ers.com. Catch an "End of the Bench" with your favorite player, follow your team through the coaches interviews or watch archived game broadcasts.

Or watch Live broadcasts.

As I said, the 49ers produce live broadcasts of just about every home event -- and all of them can be seen through the Niner Network All-Access package. You can link to the broadcasts from the game schedules, the calendar or by going directly to the Niner Network all-Access Player.

The game broadcasts have been upgraded, this year. For selected broadcasts, the 49ers are able to provide multi-camera productions complete with graphics and scoreboards. The professional look is enhanced by a "Star Watch" look at two players to watch, an ever-present scoreboard, and commercials during breaks.

Again. Check it out. The 49ers are trying to get more and more video content on the site. We really think you'll enjoy what you see and we welcome any and all feedback.

Tom Whitestone
Charlotte 49ers Assoc. A.D. for Media Relations

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