Monday, September 28, 2009

Throwbacks are not always a good idea...

For the first time in seemingly forever I had a Sunday off work. No home mens soccer, womens soccer or volleyball games. Big deal? Well, I was finally able to commit my Sunday to nothing but football.

What is better than going to the bar with about 15 televisions all tuned into different games? Honestly it’s a little overwhelming.

But now to the point of this entry….throwbacks!

The Tennessee Titans sported Houston Oilers colors while the New York Jets wore an abomination of a throwback jersey that one guy at the bar was actually wearing (It was a Favre jersey to boot, haha!)

Teams do it all the time across all sports, heck the Philadelphia 76ers are reverting back to their old logo on a full-time basis this season.

Which leads me to Charlotte, specifically men’s basketball. Some throwbacks are good (these warmups are good), others are just plain awful.

I know we don’t embrace the ‘UNCC’ tag. We are just Charlotte, but back in 1977 when we marched to the Final Four ‘UNCC’ was emblazoned across the front of Chad Kinch’s and Cornbread’s chest.

While we should celebrate our history, in a situation like this to help enforce the fact that ‘UNCC’ is no longer an acceptable term when describing 49er athletics we should bring them back. Just for one game. Go for broke. Look at those shorts! How did they play basketball? The socks are a must wear as well. Then after the game load them on a plane destined for some South American country and have a Shaman bury them in a mountain side deep in the jungle never to be seen again.

Throwback games are fun. Turn back the clock night in Halton arena a few years ago vs. TCU was awesome! We should do it more often….er maybe not!

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  1. I am in... as long as we don't bring back the city skyline on the shorts... unless we update it with new buildings.